My take on TWS aka Third World Society “TheTakeOver”

Who are they? It seems like they just appeared out of thin air but their impression is deep. What caught my eye was the sheer level of ambition that the two founders had. Theyre trying to make a name for themselves and imprint their label in your life. Only time will tell if theyll succeed or not.

I like their name. I didnt understand how it applied to anything theyre doing but it made more sense when I thought about it. I think the state of mind is that they are always in development. Developing a name, a brand, a style, ect. Third world societies are in constant development. But when you think of a Third world society, you think about the grit and grime. But they flip that image with their lifestyle brand and photography by presenting the viewer with fixed up cars and sheer luxury.

I have a lot of props for TWS. Theyre young in the head still but thats always in development.


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