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I wont be posting for a while. Have to finish a lot of work.


Donnis – Make it Home

PCKO – Live Here?

Doesnt look like you can get a lot of privacy here but I wouldnt want one of these to be built near people anyways. A showcased glass house dreamt up and put into action by UK architects PCKO.

11′ Leica Oskar Barnack Awards

Powerful. Nuff Said.

Leather Goods

Ive always been a fan of leather goods and these two companies know the meaning of quality and longevity in their products. Ive always known Saddleback for their duffles as well as bags and Tanner Goods to have solid belts.

If youre looking for accessories that will last you a life time then check out either of these fine companies.

Thin Briefcase in Carbon by Saddleback – $411+

Tanner Goods 13oz Belt in Golden/Blk – $92.00

PS Tutorial: Cutting out Hair

One of my biggest downfalls when it comes to editing studio portraits is cutting the hair from the background to place onto a new background. Watch this tutorial on how to effectively cut everything out to the finest detail.

Self Portrait

No need to explain. Its interesting. Watch it.